Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs TourPhotos?

TourPhotos is meant to be used by companies or individuals in the tourism business (excursions/activities/attractions etc.) who need on regular basis to deliver -pay or free- significant amounts of photographs to their customers.

Why should I prefer TourPhotos to Facebook, if I want to provide my photographs for free?

TourPhotos is specifically designed and programmed to deliver photographs to customers. Hence, all possible features that could help achieve this goal in the simplest and most profitable way, are purposely implemented.

On the contrary, Facebook is not primarily intended to provide such service. It is therefore needless to say that TourPhotos offers several advantages whenever compared to Facebook. Some distinctive features of TourPhotos:

  • Sorting photos by date, for customers to immediately find their own.
  • Sorting photos by excursion/activity/attraction type.
  • Integration with your website, generating SEO traffic and boosting Google ranking.
  • High resolution downloads.
  • With personal logins for each photographer, you keep always track of who uploads what.
  • Direct Facebook shares, with credit to your company name!

Do I get my own online store or do I just get to use a service managed by an external provider?

When you sign up at TourPhotos, you get a completely private, 100% customizable online store with the following “pyramid” structure:

  1. One manger backoffice login, where the store manager will be able to perform all possible actions (set prices, commissions, discount codes, design customization, create photographer accounts, create galleries, static pages, and many more) and monitor sales, statistics and online activities.
  2. Unlimited private logins, where photographers/employees will be able to manage their photos and monitor their sales/download rates.
  3. One online public store/page, where customers will be able to find and buy/download/share their photographs.

No action, access or whatsoever interference from any external party shall ever be allowed on your private TourPhotos store, unless you specifically request it to our support service.

TourPhotos holds 25% commission on my sold photos. How fair is this?

TourPhotos’ “Sell Plan” does not charge any subscription/recurring fee and offers unlimited cloud space. Considering also that the 25% commission withheld from each sale, includes all banking transaction fees, compared to most of the largest stock photography and freelance photography sale platforms, we are proud to provide our clients with one of the most competitive rate that can be nowadays found online.

Why should I sell photos (Sell plan)?

In addition to the profit, selling photos can bring multiple benefits to your company.
Here are some of them:

  • People value things that cost: selling something, rather than providing it for free, is indeed a guarantee of quality for the customer. It is a fact that the profit given by a product, allows and commits the seller to provide the best possible quality.
  • It is commonly accepted that the difference between professional and amateur photographers, is set by whether one makes profit or not with photography. Most customers are better off paying for professional photographs, rather than getting amateur ones for free.
  • Offering a commission to your employees/photographers on their photo-sales, will motivate them to work more and better!

Why should I make my photos available for free (Give plan)?

In some specific circumstances, making your photos available for free, could be smarter than selling them.
Some examples:

  • You haven’t planned to invest any considerable resource into providing high quality photographs. Yet, you want to provide your customers with photographs from your excursions/activities/attractions.
  • Including photographs into your product offers, could be an intelligent marketing strategy, especially when your main target are customers “on a budget”.
  • Given that your photographs are provided free of charge, possibly none of your customers will miss the chance to download/share them. This will result in a significant growth of your web traffic and social media visibility.

I have many employees/photographers producing photos for my company.
Is there a way for them to control their own uploads and sales, or do all photos from the same store get mixed together?

The store manager can create private profiles to an unlimited number of employees/photographers. Each employee/photographer will be able to access a private area with a unique login (email and password), to manage photos and monitor sales/download rates.
Obviously, this backoffice structure will not show on the online public store, where all photographs will be grouped together, sorted by date and/or by excursion/activity/attraction type.